Jan Nagorski memorial ceremony in Włocławek

On December 11, 2014, the ceremonial unveiling of the commemorative plaque took place at the airfield of Wloclawek Flight Club in Kruszyna. Somewhat later in the Wloclawek Scientific Society a conference was held on Jan Nagorski and polar aviation, including Russian, with whom Nagorski was associated. The lectures were delivered by Dr Wladyslaw Kubiak, priest Dr hab. Jozef Debinski, prof. Dr hab. Stanislaw Alexandrowicz, prof. Dr hab. Zbigniew Karpus and Dr Michal Glock.



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First test flight

pt1December 2014. Korne Airport near Gdansk. Italian gyroplane “BrakoGyro” made by Pagotto Carpenteria company. Temperature of about 0° C. This is not the Arctic conditions jet but for the first test flight must be sufficient. First of all there is open cockpit like a Farman MF-11. The basic structure with pusher propeller is quite similar. 

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