First test flight

pt1December 2014. Korne Airport near Gdansk. Italian gyroplane “BrakoGyro” made by Pagotto Carpenteria company. Temperature of about 0° C. This is not the Arctic conditions jet but for the first test flight must be sufficient. First of all there is open cockpit like a Farman MF-11. The basic structure with pusher propeller is quite similar. 


pt2Preparations for the flight. I am siting in the gyroplane cockpit first time. It is tight and I see I need to shed a few pounds. :o  Instructor pilot Dariusz Jankowski who is also a representative of the manufacturer helps me to prepare for the flight.


pt5The flight was fantastic and there was very cold even though there was only 0° C. My leg  almost have been frozen.  Jeans are not the best outfit. Next flights has planned in February and I must be better prepared. :)