Jan Nagorski memorial ceremony in Włocławek

On December 11, 2014, the ceremonial unveiling of the commemorative plaque took place at the airfield of Wloclawek Flight Club in Kruszyna. Somewhat later in the Wloclawek Scientific Society a conference was held on Jan Nagorski and polar aviation, including Russian, with whom Nagorski was associated. The lectures were delivered by Dr Wladyslaw Kubiak, priest Dr hab. Jozef Debinski, prof. Dr hab. Stanislaw Alexandrowicz, prof. Dr hab. Zbigniew Karpus and Dr Michal Glock.





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On the commemorative plaque was placed a Polish Air Force emblem although Nagorski never served in the Polish military aviation. It’s a beautiful gesture. When in November 1918 Poland regained its independence, Nagorski was full of enthusiasm and returned from Russia. He tried to join the newly formed Naval Air Force Division in Puck but was not accepted. This decision was influenced by the fact that at the end of the war as a result of the revolution in Russia his unit formally became part of the Red Army.