The Arctic Back Team

nowy mniejszy misiek 150

Welcome the next team member, Jędrzej Marjanowski, who joined us on March 30, 2018. Jędrzej is an experienced aviation engineer, he is the head of the construction department at Zakłady Szybowcowe “Jeżów” and the main constructor at Aircraftica. Jędrzej will supervise the construction of the replica.

On June 1, 2017, Mark Jefferies joined to Arctic Back as a project partner. Mark is an experienced pilot known among others as a member of Global Stars Champion Acrobatic Team UK. Mark owns Yak UK and co-owns Vintage Engine Technology.

Thank you to everyone who so far has helped and continue to help with this project. Polar bears also like to thank.

Marek Naruszewicz, Project Manager


Special thanks to:

Janusz Żoch – concept and preliminary design logo

Dorota Jabłońska – assistance in the creating of web page 

Tomasz Kos – help in creating of graphics

Photographic and filming team: Janusz Bojański, Łukasz Kannenberg, Andrzej Andy Wożniak, Szymon Bielkowski

Małgorzata Smith – help with the English version of the web






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